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Fashionscape Contest!


The Gladiatorz

Event details

(For lack of a better name, this is not specifically targeted to female/feminine players/characters by any means. This is a unisex event.)


We’re gonna vote on who looks the best in game. There’s been a lot of speculation about who's character is the best looking. lets settle it! This will be hosted at the citadel auditorium. Come on down and look your best! 


There are no rules. No limitations. No themes. No criteria.You can use any override you like.


We just ask that you try to make your vote without any personal biases to the player or anything else. 


Just plain and simple. 


This will be split into best looking male character, and best looking female character.


We will all take vote on who we think has the best looking character for male and female. 


Winner of each gender will receive 10 million coins, and madd bragging rights!

(given that there are 

atleast 5 contestants for the gender)


Get creative, and have fun!

Recommended Comments

not in particular, just a general on who has the coolest looking charracter.


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