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*Experienced AOD* CANCELED on the 16th


The Gladiatorz

Event details

This event began 01/10/2021 and repeats every week until 12/01/2021

 I am going to run this event in addition to our Sunday learner hour AOD. Things will be a bit more strict here. We are not accepting learners in this event series.  if you are  a learner, or you don't meet the requirements yet, don't worry. You are still welcome to come to our learner hour on Sundays. This is more geared towards people who are comfortable with the boss who want to zero in their skills in a more challenging, But still fairly casual environment.  Similar to the 7-10man aod discord server 8-10man channel. Down the line we may add a weekly event that is more like the 7 -man channel. Time will tell. 



-no flaming or bashing people. constructive criticism is welcomed and encouraged, but be nice about it. Toxicity in any form is not allowed. if you have an issues, please speak to me or a Ryder. 

-do not try to come if you do not meet the requirements. and please don't invite your friends if they do not meet requirements. it will start to cause problems if people are getting special treatment. if you are caught lying about meeting requirements, you could be blacklisted from the event series. 

-as far as situations where people  are missing only one requirement, it is a case by case basis, that depends on the impact of the requirement  This must be approved by the group and myself.  It is a general rule that you should just get the required items and attend the following week when you meet them. 

-exceptions to requirements may be made if the group is having trouble filling. this can only be done after the start time of the event. 

-lets try to keep this casual. we are going push for faster kills, but don't over do it and take it too seriously. be patient, and keep it friendly. 

-if you are not taking the incentive to advance and grow, and learn to fix basic mistakes you are making, action will likely be taken. this will start with being talked to individually, and can lead to temporary removal from attending this event (still welcome to come to learner Sunday). this is unlikely to be an issue. but in extreme cases, situations will be handled. as long as you are genuinely trying and you didn't lie about meeting requirements, you should be fine. this is still a casual level event after all. 

-invites are first come first serve basis. 






-must have atleast 50kc. if these are mass kills, this does not count. if your kc is consistant of more than half masses, than 100kc is requred. and by  mass kills,  i mean masses from the aod mass discord or friends chat where none of the mechanics are properly dealt with. learner hour kills do count. 

-must be maxed combat

-MUST USE A RIPPER DEMON(excluding base tank)

•     Overloads (Supreme Overloads are required for 7-Man section)
•     95 Prayer (access to curses) 
•     89 Invention (access to basic DPS perks) 
•     56 Archaeology (access to Berserker's Fury relic)
•      Aura - Zerk/dps aura required, such as berserk, maniacle, or reckless. 
•      Dominion mines 
•     Access to either the PVM Hub or Max Guild (for quick teleports to Nex Bank)

•    Mages: Required to have  Vulnerability or  Vulnerability bombs,  Guthix staff, and  Entangle runes or  Ice Barrage runes. No single person is expected to carry a team’s debuffs alone. This must be a group effort.

•    Melee: Required to bring a   Superior Statius Warhammer if performing the Hammer role. Melee bases are required to hammer 600k or  whatever is specified in the beginning

•    Chinner:  Use of  Mechanized Chinchompas. Required to bring  Superior Statius Warhammer to hammer the start of kills  and 600k lifepoints (whatever is specified beforehand)

-     T90+ Augmented Weapon





caroming is odvioudly an exception if using grico





•    Magic:  Inquisitor Staff >   Dual Praesuls >  Staff of Sliske >   Dual Seismics >  Noxious Staff 

•    Range:    Eldritch Crossbow >   Dual Blightbounds >  Seren Godbow >   Dual ascensions >  Noxious longbow 

•    Melee:  Zaros Godsword >     Dual Khopesh >  Noxious Scythe >   Dual Drygores
(  Masterwork Spear of Annihilation >  Spear of Annihilation)

•    T80+ Augmented Power Armor


•    Magic:    Elite Tectonic >    Tectonic >    Superior Zuriels >    Virtus >     Refined Anima Core of Seren

•    Range:     Elite Sirenic >    Sirenic >    Superior Morrigans >     Pernix >    Refined Anima Core of Zamorak
[4:17 PM]
•   Melee:     Trimmed Masterwork >    Masterwork >    Malevolent >   Superior Vestas/   Superior Statius >    Torva >     Refined Anima Core of Zaros

 Required Switches, Abilities, and Prayers (For 7-Man Teams):

•     Pocket Slot - Damage increasing scrimshaws or superior scrimshaws/Illuminated God Books/Erethdor's Grimoire

•   Planted Feet
•  Flanking 4 on a Tier 85+ weapon
•  Superior Statius' Warhammer (Chinner, Hammer, and all Base Roles)
        - Chinner must hammer the start of kills
        - Hammer must quake 1.8m
        - Base must hammer 600K


•  Berserker's Fury ( 56): Deal up to +5.5% damage (all styles) the lower your current life points are below max


SUGGESTED ITEMS:(not required)

•  Scrimshaw of the Elements or higher (All Magic Roles)
•  Scrimshaw of Cruelty or higher (All Range Roles)
•   Essence of Finality (All roles, can store a special attack weapon)
•  Ingenuity of the Humans Sigil (Chinner & All Base Roles)
•  Noxious Scythe (All Melee Roles)
•  Zaros Godsword (All Melee Roles)
•  Greater Flurry (All Melee Roles)
•  Greater Barge (All Melee Roles)
•   Eldritch Crossbow OR    Seren Godbow (for Range Minion Tanks)
•  Bladed Dive Switch 
•  Aftershock 1 on a Bladed Dive Switch (if Aftershock is on weapons to maintain stacks)

•  Font of Life ( 5): Increases maximum health by 500.

•   Fury of the Small ( 97): All basic abilities generate 1% more adrenaline. 
•   Heightened Senses (105): Increases maximum adrenaline by 10%.
•  Conservation of Energy ( 118): After using an ultimate ability, you will regain 10% adrenaline.

-it is suggested to bring chins as a ranger, even if you are not the chinner, just to speed things up. 




-overseer.pngRed Rat17

-wolf eyes


-ms jennie


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Mrs Dewfus


i dont think i make the reqs sadly :(

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Just now, Mrs Dewfus said:

i dont think i make the reqs sadly :(

its ok. you are welcome to come tomorrow


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Mrs Dewfus


1 minute ago, Chlancy said:

its ok. you are welcome to come tomorrow


i was hoping to do both lol but i dont have the bombs

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you mean mines? awe. climb that tower!


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unfortunately dominion mines are too crutial to do without. 


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Will Tri

Posted (edited)

I just got mines! scared to try an experienced run after only 1 learner run though. Might do a few more before I sign up! Awesome to see this! Thank you!


EDIT: saw the 50kc req. so nvm haha, makes sense!

Edited by Will Tri
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This event is canceled Jan 16th only. This event will continue the following week. 

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