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    11 Jun 2021 01:30 AM      04:00 AM

    What: Movie Night!! suicide squad 
    When: june 10th
    Where: Gladz Discord in events channel 

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    11 Jun 2021 04:00 AM      04:59 AM

    Come join me at the borehole and maybe learn a role or too during scopulus week. We have done many weeks of hard mode and some of you may be on bombi chance now but unless you learn a role your chances are next to none. so why not come on down and get an introduction to roles during a relatively easy normal mode week? 
    event is 4:00 game time at the borehole north of falador loadstone. be there or you will make rago cry.

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4 birthdays today

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  • P E T I T E
    P E T I T E
    (38 years old)
  • Starii
    (32 years old)
  • X andra
    X andra
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