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Events happening today

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    18 Jun 2021 01:00 AM      01:30 AM

    What are we doing? Raids, The Liberation of Mazcab!
    Who can attend? If you are a member of The Gladiatorz and meet the requirements, you're welcome to participate if there are enough spots on the team.
    Event information and things to keep in mind:
    You MUST meet ALL the requirements. No exceptions will be made.
    Being on Discord with push-to-talk setup for the full duration of the raid is a must. You don't necessarily have to talk, but you do need to listen to our raid hosts and leaders for instructions to guarantee a higher chance of a successful raiding trip.
    Please read this thread for requirements and all other raid related topics: http://www.the-gladiatorz.com/forums/index.php?/topic/22135-raids-discussion-thread/
    Feel free to ask any questions by posting below and hopefully a raid host can answer it for you.
    See you guys there!

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    18 Jun 2021 01:30 AM      02:30 AM

    what are we doing? - araxxor
    when are we doing this? - june 17th
    where is this taking place? - events channel in discord
    come join the fun if you have been interested
    in learning to kill the giant spider 
    if you have any questions or would like some tips on killing him
    I will be streaming kills and explaining the mechanics of the kill
    (since i have to push this back i am not sure what paths will be open so we will figure out which ones are open)

    Event details

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    18 Jun 2021 03:30 AM      04:30 AM

    Read this thread: http://www.the-gladiatorz.com/forums/index.php?/topic/34368-hardmode-vorago-killsmauls/
    Hardmode Vorago (Vitalis)
    This is not an event to learn Vorago at. Please come if you are familiar with normal mode intimately.
    Thursday June 17th at 11:30PM to Friday June 18th at 12:30AM.
    Knowledge of normal mode Vorago.
    High level gear.
    Event will cap out at 10 people.
    Bring a yak to eat, zerk auras to damage, and a positive mental attitude.
    Full attack rotation (Read this, have this on hand):

    Event details

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3 birthdays today

  • 14HP Lindsay
    14HP Lindsay
    (31 years old)
  • Beric
    (36 years old)
  • Bleedblack
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