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    26 Jun 2021 01:30 AM      02:29 AM

    ED1 Trash Runs
    Let's farm some tokens and xp!

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    The Gladiatorz 1 Comment

    26 Jun 2021 01:30 AM      04:00 AM

    What: Movie Night!! pirates of the caribbean the black pearl 
    When: june 25th
    Where: Gladz Discord in events channel 

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    The Gladiatorz 1 Comment
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    26 Jun 2021 04:00 AM      04:30 AM

    What are we doing? Raids, The Liberation of Mazcab!
    Who can attend? If you are a member of The Gladiatorz and meet the requirements, you're welcome to participate if there are enough spots on the team.
    Event information and things to keep in mind:
    You MUST meet ALL the requirements. No exceptions will be made.
    Being on Discord with push-to-talk setup for the full duration of the raid is a must. You don't necessarily have to talk, but you do need to listen to our raid hosts and leaders for instructions to guarantee a higher chance of a successful raiding trip.
    Please read this thread for requirements and all other raid related topics: http://www.the-gladiatorz.com/forums/index.php?/topic/22135-raids-discussion-thread/
    Feel free to ask any questions by posting below and hopefully a raid host can answer it for you.
    See you guys there!

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4 birthdays today

  • GonJaa
    (24 years old)
  • IKEA
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  • Mugatron
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  • ZStat
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