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    01 Nov 2021 12:00 AM      01:00 AM

    Are you brave enough to join us for the spookiest Clan Clam event of the year?

    When: October 31st @ 8:00PM EST (00:00 Game Time)
    What: DEEP SEA HORROR CLAN CLAM!@!@#@#!! (Giant Oyster D&D)
    Where: Speak to Wizard Myrtle outside the Wizard's Tower
    Why: EZ XP, Free Loot, Lots Fun, Get to see Clannies!
    Costumes are encouraged! (The scarier the better)
    Share your screenshots below!

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    01 Nov 2021 02:00 AM      03:00 AM

    Who: Anyone
    What: Barrows Runs on Halloween?
    Where: W39 Barrows 
    Take screenshots of highest/lowest chest amounts for a chance of an extra 5m

    Event details

    The Gladiatorz - Rs Events 8 Comments

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