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The Gladiatorz

Event details

This event began 06/07/2021 and repeats every week on Sunday until 12/05/2021

Event details

This is designed to be learner friendly. we need a core of people who know what they are doing, but the goal is to teach as many clan members as possible so that we can generate a base of people in the clan who attend AOD regularly. And as this grows, we can start to visit the idea of clan solak! I am presently working on learning solak so i can help get it going when the time comes. 


lets have some fun!


wanted to cap the amount of people to 12, so that people will still be able to learn mechanics, and it won't just be a mass that doesn't follow the correct methods.


We will be splitting rare drops evenly across the team, with a 10m tip to the base tank. 

Chests will be keeps. 

Any  common drops you will keep. 





Some people say it's best to learn in a mass, but i STRONGLY disagree. I think that it's worse to learn in a mass because you are not learning the mechanics of the boss this way.  It creates bad habits.

i find learning is best done with a team of around 10 people. 


PLEASE ALWAYS USE A DPS AURA, this is why the instance is an hour, because an aura extended with vis wax lasts an hour. 

Berserker for Mele. 

Reckless for Ranged

Maniacal for Magic



If you are learning Angel of death, it is required to watch this entire video, and you must be able to voice chat in discord. And it is required that you meet at least most of the stated combat requirements. This is not an easy boss, so you should be comfortable with at least mid tier pvm such as elite dungeons or raids. 



if you want to learn a minion tank roll, it is required that you have one of the following:

dominion mines>mage setup with bind on your action bar . this is a helpfull

it is required to atleast be listening in voice chat to learn minion tank. 


here is a helpfull guide on minion tanking:





If you plan to start doing aod more regularly,

they are a must to get before too long. 

Dominion mines are not necessarily required for your first couple kills. but as you continue, you will be pressured to have them. 


Here is a helpful video on how to farm dominion tower quickly. And you could always just camp the first special fight, with all the evil chickens haha. It is pretty consistent, and pretty much afk too. But it is a bit slower than doing it the correct way.  



Feel free to message me with any questions!

Feel free to include any helpful links in the comments!

(Repeating event started Nov 29, 2020)

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I'm down!  My KC is 182 (mainly masses 10/man) and I've done some minion tanking/chinning, but would definitely consider myself a learner.  Happy to try minion tanking, chinning, or DPS (I don't have dominion mines, but ill get that grind started soon(tm)

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Jaguar AnDy

Posted (edited)

I'll take a chin role if it's free, got chin sgb/eldritch/dark bow so they won't last long. Would be happy to help teach some gladz AoD :D If we can't find a base i'll just chin as base.

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Will Tri

Posted (edited)

I am a learner. 0kc. I am unsure if I am supposed to pick a role, I assume I will be dps though! I have dominion mines.

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Posted (edited)

I'd like to join :)


Edit: If I'm not asleep by then

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Are there any other times anticipated in the future for AOD learner sessions?  11pm on Sundays is hard for me and I really wanna go sometime soon :)  

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I'd also like to join if there is still room

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Lol i'm sorry I just think it's funny XJ9 makes RS3 videos now, since he got banned from other games for being too toxic.

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I'll be attending this, got like 4KC i think.

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If you want to join, watch in clan chat 30min-1hour before the event starts. When you see me advertising the event in clan chat, ask for an invite.

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