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Mrs D's Araxxor Q&A event for learners


The Gladiatorz
Mrs Dewfus

Event details

Araxxor (ranged).png                                      Araxxor (magic).png                                     Araxxor.png


what are we doing? - Araxxor

when are we doing this? - Mondays

where is this taking place? - events channel in discord


come join the fun if you have been interested in learning to kill the giant spider 

if you have any questions or would like some tips on killing him

I will be streaming kills and explaining the mechanics of the kill



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Mrs Dewfus


we're back baby! cant wait to get back in the swing of doing my weekly rax events

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Been learning him for the last few days, unfortunately these are taking place @ my bed time lmao. Us old boys need our sleep. )= 

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