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Citadel & Avatar Guide


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Making use of Avatar Buff


PART I - The normal buff

Once upon a time, Jagex changed the avatar buffs. No longer do we need someone to summon the avatar for us to gain our weekly buff of 3%. If you've been gone a while, are new to a clan, or just wondered if there was more to life, this will help ease your confusion (not about life though, sorry, head over to Intellectual for that).


First question we will deal with: What is the avatar buff?


It's a great perk from our citadel - make use of it (unless you're an Ironman btw)! Simply put, you visit the citadel weekly and attune to activate it. Yep, that's all. It will expire a week after you've activated it so you'll need to return after that time has elapsed.



Next up: Where do I activate it?


First, just to make sure you know how to quickly and efficiently navigate this huge area, click the small citadel icon that is located on your minimap, like so:




It'll pop up this interface, it has a lot of information but the important part for you here is the map that shows you where things are located and best of all, allows you to teleport around!


Head over to the town square, found here:



Click on the Avatar Control Stone to activate your buff for the week.



Select "experience boost" and you're good to go! There will be a small icon that appears on your buff bar indicating that you have it on and the percentage that you are currently earning. Here I have a 6% buff.


That's it, see you next week!



PART II - Gaining more through fealty


Great job, you've done the work of getting to the citadel and activating your buff.. but you heard a rumor of a mystical 6% buff that exists.


How do I get this extra 3%?


This is pretty painless, I promise. The extra 3% comes through the fealty system, meaning each consecutive week that you cap at the citadel you will gain another 1% on your weekly experience buff. Note that the extra % is not immediately available for the week that you just capped so if you capped for the first week ever you will not get it until after citadel reset happens and you return to the citadel.





What is capping?


Capping is just gathering a resource at a skill plot in the citadel. It can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a lazy hour or longer, it all depends on your attention and whether you've used the buff for faster gathering.


To be eligible for the extra fealty for the following week you need to at least partially cap during the week, meaning ~900 resources gathered. You will get a chatbox message when you have completed enough work (and you are also able to claim some bonus xp from the quartermaster).


You'll need to partially cap every week if you want to keep this buff though, so try to find a time that works for you to cap so that you don't forget or try to attend the event that is held weekly at the citadel.



Where do I get this bonus xp you just mentioned?


Well, head on over to the keep -



Talk to the quartermaster - in the southwest corner of the keep - then pick your skill that is offered and you can go save the world, armed with your shiny new bonus xp.


To help give you an idea of which sort of xp amount you will gain, here is a table based on the xp given to you for having 99 in the skill. If you are less than 99 the xp will scale down to you.


Cooking - 110,729 xp

Firemaking - 88,491 xp

Crafting - 58,175 xp

Woodcutting - 38,173 xp

Smithing - 36,270 xp

Mining - 30,488 xp

Summoning - 11,052 xp


If you don't care what xp you take because you're 99 in the above skills I would recommend taking the xp in cooking so you can save it there for trading to Vic the trader when he comes around.


How does the Citadel Skill Plot resource bonus work?


If you select the first option at the avatar stone you can cap even faster at the citadel. You will gain resources 50% faster (12 resources vs 6 resources, for example) at the expense of not having all that free xp available to you. If you're someone that wants to use the citadel for the free xp this is not the option to use. However, if you're just looking to gain a little bit of free xp and cap quickly then this is what you should be using.


Make sure you change this to the experience boost after you're finished capping though!



How do I know if I've capped since the citadel reset?


Open up the clan chat list -



find your name and click the arrow next to your name -



then click the small checkbox and it will tell you what your status is.








Just a quick note regarding fealty: If you forget to cap before the citadel resets and you haven't visited it either, you will not lose your fealty rank. If, however, you visited the citadel and didn't cap (or partially cap) you will drop down 1 fealty.

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4 hours ago, Beric said:

Thanks for the reminder! 

This one is much more minor, but our thread on the RSOF should also be updated to replace or remove the Avatar Warden information. :P  

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11 hours ago, Sirsir said:

This one is much more minor, but our thread on the RSOF should also be updated to replace or remove the Avatar Warden information. :P  

Thanks for catching that. (Y)

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Just now, AmusedDragon said:

Thanks for catching that. (Y)

Thank you for the timely edit! :)

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The lovely Linda has updated this topic to reflect the avatar changes. <3


@Mentoring Team Tagging you guys since you probably receive the most questions about the avatar. Now you have a topic to point people towards. 

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Note, you can also see if you're capped from the mini game window, not sure if it's worth to add it though

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22 hours ago, Isurugi Noe said:

Note, you can also see if you're capped from the mini game window, not sure if it's worth to add it though

Can you take a screenshot? I feel like I'm blind

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10 hours ago, Beric said:

Can you take a screenshot? I feel like I'm blind



Forgot to mention that you've got to be at the citadel...


My bad! Sorry!

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Ohhhhh! You had me and Linda super confused. When you said "minigame window" we both thought you meant this thing: 



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