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What Are You Listening To Right Now?


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Erador is silly and didn't make a thread like this on here and I really wanted to post what I'm listening to.

Skrillex - With Your Friends (Long Drive Remix)

Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Zedd Remix)

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Jimi Hendrix-Voodoo chile

Mac miller-senior skip day, finner things, keep me alive

Icp-miracles, Juggalo island,what is a juggalo, Truth or Dare

Kid ink-rolling swishers, Run this

Twiztid-raw deal, afraid of me, How i live, wrong with me, darkness (v2)

Abk-come out and play, Hey yall, Hollowpoint, Laugh at you, 2whom this may concern

Going quantum- May 2011 dirty dub

Dj Bl3nd-(sexy) mix, (spooky) mix

Boondox-Death to a hater, we all fall, inbred evil

Aaron Lewis- Country Boy

Everlast- So Long, What it's like

Burning the masses-La chupracabra, resonance of man,galatic abduction

Suicide silence- unanswered,no pity for a coward

Job for a cowboy- Entombment of the machine

Thought i just list a bunch that i listen to almost daily

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