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Last post wins!


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32 minutes ago, Mike 1 said:

It must have been at least 15 years since I played that!

Hahaha yeah, a childhood classic.


But who hasn't played 'Uno'?

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53 minutes ago, Runekaappi said:

Its almost depressing how dark it is in Finland when winter comes. 🇫🇮

Got a bit of overcast there in Finland, yeah?

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Sun literally rises 9 am and goes down 3pm and it hasnt even peaked yet... Of course most of time that 9am-3pm is overcast with maybe some sunlight.

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There is no specific time or season for sauna... You go to sauna when sauna is warmed up. Thats all there is, and it´s just norm to go but naked to sauna (maybe a small towel over waist).

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Rain and overcast always gives me a feeling of nostalgia. I think there's a word to describe this, though I can't recall it off the top of my head. ⛈️

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59 minutes ago, thegreatwha said:

Why am I so sleepy... 💤

If you haven't already turned in by the time of this post, I hope you will be able to soon! Good night and sweet dreams. :3


And I hope you had and will have a wonderful day, whenever you read this. :D

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