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What is the origin of your rsn?


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Is there any reasoning for your username? Any backstory/nickname/etc.? Why did you choose it? Thought there may be some interesting stories out of this.


Beric is a character I like from the Song of Ice and Fire novel series (/Game of Thrones). I jumped on it when it was freed up in an early name release wave, and it has been a massive upgrade from my original Star Wars themed name that had numbers in it. I was never anything more than a casual watch-the-movies-once kinda fan, so I was happy to leave that behind for a name that reflected an actual interest. 


Be careful with the names you choose in video games. You never know which one you'll find yourself playing nearly 20 years later :reporter:

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I'll bite.  My name is my 2 favorite foods.. well favorite savory foods.  RiceCrispyTreatMintChocolateChipIcecream was taken.

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I wanted a name with Dragon in it that didn't also have numbers, and after a little bit of thinking I went with this.


Not exactly a rousing tale of intrigue, sadly. :/

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I am Drake M 



Some of my old names were:

Henchlord - derived from 'hench' a clan meme of 2016 

PIDlord - derived from 'player identification number' the lower your identification number, the higher your ping and the increased likelihood your hits will register before your opponents.

Drake R - I double name changed and someone in the clan took rsn Drake M. The R is for Real(ly *special*)

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Cyruss cause my irl name is Cyrus, just added second S  :xd:  (also someone already has rsn Cyrus with one S)

My favorite alt I have is Cynthiaa, it is a female account so I can ed8 myself (I never actually do but I have that option....) and this still keeps the theme of having Cy (for Cyrus), being a real name, and having a duplicate of the last letter.





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2 hours ago, Cyruss said:

"...Cynthiaa and this still keeps the theme of having Cy..."

How would you feel if you found out your irl crush was named Cynthia? ED8 irl?

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Just now, Drake said:

How would you feel if you found out your irl crush was named Cynthia? ED8 irl?

Insta propose tbh :xd: 

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Went to British Columbia a few years back, adventured around a ski lodge all day, yoinked Evergreen during that name release because the trees with the snow on them there were pog woohoo 

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Restarted rs in college and was trying to think of a name without numbers in it. Kronk’s new groove was playin on the tv in my dorm room and it was approaching winter. The rest is history

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I just said to myself, what is the most badass cool macho handsome charismatic name out there? 

Then I went with Rafi. 

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It was like 04 and I just got done walking a mile to a Hess gas station to fill up my lawn mower.  Then I cut the grass, felt like I deserved time on the computer, and made a runescape account.  Hess6 was taken, but it suggested Hess36 and boom there I was.  Until name release, then I went to iHess since Hess is apparently inappropriate.

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Well my original name was based off the Chrysler Crossfire because I wanted that car.  Looking back, that car was disgusting and don't know why I ever wanted it. 


Changed it to Mr Pyrolord to be the antithesis of @Mr Hydration (<3) then just eventually dropped the "Mr" off it. 

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