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Premier Club 2022 - Available November 15th


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Cosmetics this year:


  • Dawnforged Armour Set
  • Dawnforged Greatsword
  • Sol the Unicorn 



Amenities this year:



  • The cosmetics listed above.
  • 150,000 Loyalty Points
  • 3x Premier Club Reward Tokens


VIP Benefits

  • Monthly access to the Premier Vault (once per month)
  • 1x Free Boss Instance (once per week)
  • +100 Bank Spaces
    • This is effectively a lease. If you already had Gold Premier 2021, you will retain the additional 100 Bank spaces; you will not gain another 100.
  • Access to the Premier Artefact buff
  • +1 Extra Daily Key for every day you are a Premier Club member
  • A 50% RuneMetrics discount
  • Access to VIP Worlds
  • Access to the Premier Track of all Yak Track events that take place while you are a Member, offering the very best prizes
  • 12 Monthly Drops containing an assortment of desirable items (e.g. Oddments, Umbral Chests, Knowledge Bombs, Yak Track Task Skip, Protean Packs, Variety Packs, Mystery Boxes).
  • *NEW* 1 Month of Double Daily Keys - this is active from the moment of purchase, and stacks with other Key rewards.



Changes this year:

  • Doubled daily Treasure Hunter Leys for one month from moment of purchase, which stacks with increased Key amounts, as mentioned above.
  • Bronze and Silver Premier packages have been removed. The Gold (year-long) package is the only one available.
  • PRICE! Premier Club Membership costs £49.99 / €64.99 / $69.99, or 20 Bonds.
    • You read that right! If paying real money, this is even cheaper than the 20th-anniversary discount price!
    • Considering USD, that makes approximately $5.83 per month, which is barely more expensive than the best grandfathered rate. Considering all that Premier offers, pretty much anyone who plays with any amount of regularity should jump on this if they can. :)



Click me to read more!

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Will definetly bond that!


9 minutes ago, Deathcon said:

September 15th was a few months ago :reporter:


Catching Raza making a mistake like this, priceless :P

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  • Beric changed the title to Premier Club 2022 - Available November 15th
3 hours ago, Deathcon said:

September 15th was a few months ago :reporter:

No, you see, this totally makes sense, since November is the ninth month of the year. ##


I have no idea what was going on in my mind. Thanks for the correction, friends; and thanks for the cover-up, @Beric<3

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On 11/13/2021 at 12:53 PM, Sirsir said:

since November is the ninth month of the year.

What planet do you live on where November is the 9th month of the year :reporter:

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17 minutes ago, Deathcon said:

What planet do you live on where November is the 9th month of the year :reporter:

This one! Many, many, years ago. 


Novem is a Latin numeral prefix meaning 9, and is where the month's name originates. 

Septem - 7

Octo - 8


Decem - 10 


January and February were added later on and screwed the whole thing up. 



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2 minutes ago, Beric said:


I always love the reminder that you are a fathomless repository of useless information; it's always great to meet another. :reporter:





Also, March should be Martius, April should be Aprilis, May should be Maius, June should be Iunius, July should be Quintilis (Julius Caesar's arrogance), and August should be Sextilis (Julius Caesar's arrogance on behalf of Augustus). (H)


Aside from further messing up the nomenclature that Ianuarius and Februarius had already ruined, Caesar did succeed in mostly aligning the calendar with the tropical year; the Gregorian Calendar that most of the world officially uses today, which involved a minor modification proposed by Pope Gregory XIII, corrected the remaining drift.

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36 minutes ago, Deathcon said:

Apparently (and unsurprisingly) there is issues with not receiving premier club bonuses (artefact/bank space etc.)


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6 hours ago, SpeedoJor said:

Totally worth it and got this today :) 

Indeed! Enjoy your VIP status! :3


Hopefully you didn't experience any bugs.



2 hours ago, Lykenlova06 said:

Am so excited for this.... hopefully they've gotten the bugs out of it now >.<

As I recall, I started my subscription in December last year, so I might simply wait until next week (or earlier, if they confirm that all bugs are fixed).


I'm looking forward to it myself! :banana:

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