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What's your biggest dry streak ?


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Sir Slim
On 5/1/2022 at 1:01 PM, Bill Eh said:

Probably sitting at 200m Thieving and invention xp without the pets yet.


Also about 2200kc dry at abyssal lords w/out a whip drop.

That’s tough

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I have not seen this thread until today. So where do I start on my broken account....

2.7k hards completed.

2.6k elites completed.

545 masters completed.

no dye.

2562 Arch-Glacor 

and im 2400~ dry on core. with all high streaking.

reaching 1500 Raksha kills (1050 solo 450 duo)

with 1 chain and 1 grico.

I'm too sad to continue.

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3 hours ago, Last Hit1 said:

I'm too sad to continue.

You make me sad too 😭

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