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Pizza toppings


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Pizza pizza, used to sell this (not anymore). But it was my favorite, i'd order it any chance I had. 

Siracha pizza, had siracha base, green peppers, siracha chicken, red onions. Was super yum!

Nowadays I go for a typical green pepper, red onion, and pepperoni. 

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Supreme pizza loaded with extra black olives

Hawaiian Pizza

Meatlovers pizza 


However who seriously eats a banana pizza? Probably the same people who eat sweet potato pizza.

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Yea so uhm anyone who said pineapple i have lost respect for all of you. But my preferred toppings would be pepperoni, bacon, sausage, steak, Onions, and green peppers are tolerable but i dont normally get those.

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Tomato Sauce, Halved Spicy Meatball, Spinach, Diced Roma Tomato, Sliced Baby Portabella Mushroom with Mozzarella, Fontina, and Asiago cheese.

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forgot an ingredient
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